Where We've Been: A Brief Update

Where We've Been: A Brief Update

Normally after Christmas, we sort of try and relax for a month or so, but this year we've been more hectic than ever. 16 hour days constantly and barely a single day off. Here's the start of what we've been working on...


Finally, about 3 months later than anticipated, in January our packaging went plastic free and is now completely compostable. As all of these things it was fraught with challenges, but we got there.

The challenges meant we had to find other solutions, the solutions ended being more encompassing than we anticipated. Which was a positive outcome, despite the delay.

Thanks to everyone who helped us with our crowdfunding campaign last year!


When we get busy, things can go a bit wrong Orders get lost, delayed or sent out incorrectly. If you’ve been subject to this, we’re sorry and we hope we’ve taken the necessary steps to apologise.

Unfortunately, we’re idiots and don’t understand logistics.

However, we’ve been determined to find a solution that meant we could get busier without sending people wrong orders and something that meant we wouldn’t always be out of stock and all that other stuff. It’s taken a couple of months and an awful lot of work, quite a bit of swearing and a more barcodes than we care to remember, but we’re there. A solution with much greater accuracy and speed.

Which brings us nicely into our next point…


We now have next day UK shipping available via DHL parcel, who offer a green shipping solution where they offset the carbon. Everything is actually properly tracked and you get nice updates and all that stuff that you want. 

If you’re an international person and lucky enough to not be involved in the Brexit mess the UK is currently in, we offer various fast tracking services via DHL, all carbon offset and fully tracked.

If you didn’t know already, you can pay in your own currency too now, making it even easier to get your hands on that sweet, sweet stuff.


Another thing we’ve always tried to do is maintain as high a possible standard of customer service. Because we’re a small team, most of the time you’ll get a response after 2 days that normally contains a few swear words moaning about whatever caused the issue where you needed to email us.

Good news is that we’ll still be swearing in the emails. Better news is that we should be quicker to respond, more efficient in our responses and ultimately better. We’re going to be adding a live chat to the website in the coming months and possibly even a Batphone, so if you’re really angry at us, you can call and tell us over the phone.

Hopefully this will enable us to give the level of service you deserve, being the awesome person you almost definitely are.


We’ve been working with some wonderfully talented designers to create a new range of clothing, with an emphasis on making things in an even more sustainable way. The quality of everything is going up alongside the quality of the design and the sustainability credentials.

We’ve been researching new exciting materials, visiting factories and ahhhh we’re incredibly excited to be sharing it all with you. It's far and away the best stuff we've done and is a step up in so many ways.


In the quest for complete transparency, we’re going to be updating the website so that the journey of everything is far clearer, enabling you to make the best choice possible.

We want to provide as much detail and information as we can, so we're working on how we can do that. If you guys have any ideas, drop us an email so that we can see if they fit within our plans.


We’ve been figuring out the next step of our journey and we’re hoping to make a hop into it sooner than anticipated. While we can’t say too much just yet, we’re laying the foundations and negotiating with solicitors and landlords and whatever else so that we can get the sustainable warehouse we’ve wanted for a while.

As part of our utopian warehouse we’re going to be taking on people from disadvantaged backgrounds, those coming off the streets and whoever else we can help by providing them with work skills and employment, rather than just clothing donations.

We’ll be releasing more details about it in the near future and will probably need your help to make it a reality.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks for more updates!