It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like …Consumerism

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like …Consumerism


Right so it’s that Friday, in November, where capitalist consumerism reaches fever pitch! Every retailer and brand the world over will be doing their manipulative best to ensure that their customers part ways with their hard-earned cash on stuff they don’t really need. We don’t condone any of that. So buckle up and listen to the resident WAWWA ranter, rant about this toxic mess that is consumerism. 

The year is 2019, Homo Sapiens have trawled the Earth for over 200,000 years. Capitalism has been in existence for a mere 0.2% of those years, yet we operate in a manner that suggests that to abide by this system is the only way to live. What a load of bollocks! Look I’m not saying that communism or fascism or any other socially constructed political concept would be any better for the human race. But, what I do know, given my degree in politics (I know what a waste of money), is that capitalism is much to blame for the destruction of both the people and the planet. This is especially prevalent in the fashion industry.

You will know by now that fast fashion is evil. These multi-billion pound companies get cheap clothes to market at a stupendously quick pace. This is just so customers can buy an outfit for next-to-nothing, wear it once and shove to the back of their wardrobes to never see the light of day again. Or worse than that throw it away so it ends up on the mountains of landfill across the world. But the process that goes into making such garments is far worse and the two companies listed are by no means the only culprits. Fast fashion brands have long engaged in what is called the ‘race to the bottom’, a competition to achieve the lowest production costs they can. They end up partnering with factories that abuse their staff and have no care for the environment. The cause of this is capitalism and it’s a vicious circle. 

Fashion companies convince consumers that what they currently have isn’t adequate. They then make people believe that this can be resolved by purchasing things that they don’t really need. Consumers literally buy into it and acquire new items of clothing. With that comes the impending guilt from paying for something. So brands and retailers try to reduce such guilt by lowering prices and persuading customers that they are getting a good deal. Selling at lower prices means they have to produce at lower prices. Corners have to be cut, so brands engage in the ‘race to the bottom’ to find the lowest production costs at the expense of the people who make the clothes and the environment that they are produced in. Consumers then become accustomed to low prices and demand lower ones. The circle begins again. This is the circle of capitalist exploitation. Don’t feel sorry for yourself though because we’ve all been privy to partaking because it’s the norm in modern society. But it has to stop!

If we carry on producing and consuming at the rate we do, there will be no planet from which we do it on. Black Friday and other events of its kind only add fuel to the exploitative fire. We as consumers are all being exploited in some way. This has to change. Brands like WAWWA are working to slow the fashion industry down, to encourage consumers to make the most of what they have and only buy what they actually need. Then, when they do buy something, make sure it has been produced by the right people, in the right environment. The easiest way to prevent this cycle from continuing is to remove yourself from it, to not partake, to not consume what you don’t need and to not let yourselves be manipulated by an industry that has done more to destruct lives and natural resources than the majority of industries. 

Therefore, for this Black Friday, do not expect a discount code or flash sale on the WAWWA site. By all means, purchase an item from us, but only if you or someone else needs it. The only thing that is changing on our site this Friday is the fact we are giving more to those that need it. We’re not providing you with any incentive to buy things you don’t need. But if you do need a black item from us and purchase it this Black Friday weekend, we'll donate another two items to some less fortunate. Here's the deal:

For every black pair of socks bought, we’ll donate two pairs
For every black hat bought, we'll donate two
For every black scarf bought, we'll donate one hat and one pair of socks
For every black tee bought, we'll donate two hats and a pair of socks
For every black hoody or Jonah bought, we'll donate two hats and a pair of socks

We’ve taken everything that is already great about the 1+1 range and made it greater. The black items do not need to be from our existing 1+1 range, as long as it’s black, we’re gonna give back. So yeah buy something if you need it, or don’t. Just be mindful of what really matters. The planet matters, people matter, mental health matters, shelter matters, clean water matters, these are all essentials. You don’t need much else in order to survive, so just make the right choice this weekend. I’m not going to tell you what to do, merely just voicing my opinion. To be fair if you read these posts, the chances are you probably think the same.

Anyway, have a nice Friday whatever you decide to do with it. You’ll find me in a boozer relaying the same message to any poor bugger who’ll listen. 

Take it easy, 

Harry x