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Jenson Jacket
Introducing the Jenson, our signature lightweight jacket piece. Light enough to be folded away, but tough enough for getting around in your day-to-day. 
Designed using durable construction techniques, this functional garment is built to last. It's made from a durable, water-resistant dry waxed cotton fabric that was dyed and waxed by the famous Dundee Mill, Halley Stevenson's. It's also re-waxable to maintain it's long life cycle. 
Using recycled components were we can, the jacket features re-purposed wetsuit adjusters for a custom fit to the hood.
We design and sample as much as possible in-house to reduce the carbon footprint of each garment. So we were very happy to find a local factory in Bolton to produce the Jenson jacket. Having been established since 1969, they have a vast and deep knowledge of manufacturing, design and outerwear product. Always hand cut and hand made, never mass produced. 
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