1+1 Spotlight | Mustard Tree

1+1 Spotlight | Mustard Tree


Welcome to the first of our 1+1 Spotlight journal entries, in this series we want to highlight some of the great charities and organisations we have partnered with for our 1+1 programme. 

If you've been living under a rock for the last few years and need bringing up to speed, here at WAWWA we are passionate about preserving the planet and protecting the people on it. Since our inception, it has been our mission to do things the right way. As part of our range we launched the 1+1 Collection, which is a range of accessories that works on the model of one bought, one donated to someone less fortunate. 

We realise this collection isn't going to solve the worlds problems, but we do what we can for our corner of the earth. There are some great organisations that we donate to, doing incredible work in the local and global community. This month we are shining a light on the Mustard Tree in Manchester. 

Mustard Tree, based near to WAWWA HQ in Ancoats, "helps people to change their lives, secure better accommodation and economic wellbeing." The Charity is interested in addressing not only the the consequences of poverty and homelessness but also the causes.

Mustard Tree have three Community Shops in Greater Manchester providing low cost clothing and furniture, while their Food Club provides inexpensive meals for anyone who needs it. They are also flexible in supporting their community providing 25%-100% discounts on products when needed, helping to tackle the Poverty Premium.

Their activities span far wider than just the Community Shops. Mustard Tree also hosts the Freedom Project. This project provides training and vocational courses to help people develop new skills, find work opportunities and overcome obstacles. The Freedom Project helps people progress into work but importantly builds confidence, recovers self-esteem and unleashes new potential.

Although what we've covered above is only a small percentage of the real life difference the Charity normally makes in Greater Manchester area, due to the pandemic the charity has had to reimagine and redefine its work in order to support the needs of the local community. 

Over the last year during multiple lockdowns, Mustard Tree has supported the Greater Manchester community with critical support. They have acknowledged that supporting basic needs is now taking priority over helping people learn new skills and find work - their usual and celebrated work.

"The majority of the people Mustard Tree are seeing has shifted to those still seeking to achieve their physiological needs (food, shelter, warmth and sleep). When these needs are not met, more social stabilising support such as employment and training becomes less attainable." 

Thanks to their 'Mustard Tree COVID-19 Crisis Fund', in the short period between 23rd March - 30th June, they helped 5,000 people 15,000 times with food and emergency supplies. This number has continued to rise as lockdowns have been reinstated and extended.

At WAWWA, we are happy we can provide a small bit of support for this charity by donating clothing thanks to our 1+1 Collection, but we want to give a massive shout out to Mustard Tree and reiterate that their work is making a real life difference for people in Greater Manchester. 

We strongly encourage you to visit their website to find out more about them, read this blog to see how they have adapted to the pandemic and donate to their COVID-19 Crisis Fund so they can continue to do incredible work.